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Skirts - pencil, long, short

Halifax Clothing Store can provide you with your next wardrobe and skirts at prices you can afford. You need to keep up with the season's fashion as the weather changes. With a variety of different skirts of various lenghts and styles from Halifax Clothing Store get your new look now.

Leopard Print Skirt

Leopard print size S/M skirt

£ 5

Red Pencil Skirt

Red size 10 pencil skirt from Atmosphere

£ 5

Grey Sequin Skirt

Grey sequin size 12 skirt from Top Shop

£ 4

Long patterned skirt

Long patterned size 10 skirt from Primark

£ 3

Beige Skirt

A beige size 10 skirt from TopShop

£ 4

Blue Skirt

A blue size 12 skirt from Jane Norman

£ 4